The 24th China Beijing International High-tech Expo



The 24th China Beijing International High-tech Expo



项目名称 DR影像系统

项目单位 山西太原柳北中昌大厦A03

所属行业 高性能,智能化仪器仪表

项目地点 山西太原

项目总投资 1235万美元

项目建设期 招商意向 项目总投1235万美元;项目单位自筹370.5万美元;拟引进资金864.5万美元;其他方式融资0.0万美元。

项目简介 DR影像检测系统是以X射线为光源将采集的数据通过采集板直接转换成数字图像的一项现代世界级高新技术。简称为直接数字成像技术即DR影像系统技术。该技术是在原华北工学院《工业射线数字图像检测技术》基础上,通过公司股东之一的西安三意电子研究所医疗数据库的系统制作,成功研制的目前国内具有自主知识产权的DR影像系统。

项目市场前景 该项目符合国家和省产业政策,属于鼓励类,已经通过发改委、国土、环保、城建规划等部门初审同意。这是一项具有世界先进水平的X线机DR影像系统高新技术。目前本公司通过两年多的努力已经完成了产品各个阶段的试制,获得省药检局颁发的三类《医疗器械生产企业许可证》、国内首家批准的DR影像系统《医疗器械注册证》。医疗机构有极大的应用意义,如异地诊断、异地治疗、远端信息传输、病例存档、病例检测、远程维修等都是当前阻碍医疗事业发展的主要问题,市场前景十分看好。由于该项目的技术难度大及计术支持持久等特点,许多具有经济实力的企业只能望而却步。因此市场上尚未形成竞争局面。预计本企业能够控制市场的绝大部分分额。



联系人 李旭初

电  话 13803413739

传  真 0351--7536125


网  址 http://www.shanxiinvest.com.cn/invite/invitepage.asp?id=1182


Name of Project DR Image System

Sponsor Enterprise Shanxi Taiyuan Liu Bei Zhong Chang Building A03

Industry Belonging High-performance and Intelligent Instruments

Construction Site Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province

Total Investment USD 12.35 million

Construction Period 

Intentions The total investment is USD 12.35 million with 3.705million from the sponsor enterprise. The remaining USD 8.645 milion is in need.


Introduction to Project DR Image Detection System adopts the world-class technology which converts collected data into digital image through acquisition board with x-ray as the source. This technology is made within the medical database of Xi’an San Yi Electronics Institute, one of the share holders and based on the reference of Industrial X-ray Digital Image Detecting Technology from the former North China Institute of Technology. It now has gained IPR.

Market Currently the company has finished all the testing phases and has got the licence on the production of medical device issued by Drug Testing Bureau and China’s first registration certificate on medical device in the area of DR image system. This system can be used widely in medical institutions for cross-district diagnose and treatment, remote information transmission, case filing and detection, and distance mending which pose great challenge for medical development. Considering the difficulty and long-term technical support, many financially advantageous companies flinch back. Thus the market is not competitive enough. It is predicted that the company can take up most of market shares.

Introduction to Enterprise 


Contact Person Xuchu, Li

Tel 13803413739

Fax 0351--7536125


Website http://www.shanxiinvest.com.cn/invite/invitepage.asp?id=1182

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