The 24th China Beijing International High-tech Expo



The 24th China Beijing International High-tech Expo



项目名称 LED助航灯光系统

项目单位 中国民航局第二研究所

所属行业 交通运输

项目地点 四川省成都市

项目总投资 项目总投资5000万元:固定资产投资3500万元,流动资金1500万元

项目建设期 2012年—2014年


工艺技术简介 LED助航灯光系统是以LED为光源,围绕LED驱动、散热、配光为中心开发研制的助航灯光系统,由控制系统、调光器、灯具控制器和LED灯具组成,能更好地保障飞机在夜间、低能见度或其它复杂天气条件下的起飞、着陆、滑行。


项目市场前景 助航灯光系统的升级换代和新建机场助航灯光系统的建设使得LED助航灯光系统具有巨大的市场容量,系统完成产品化后,年销售收入预计可达2亿元以上,年利润总额可达到5千万元,税后利润可达到3.8千万元。

企业简介 中国民用航空总局第二研究所(简称民航二所)位于成都市,目前在职职工600人,资产总额7.4亿元,注册资金1.35亿元。民航二所拥有雷达测试仪等一批先进装备,自主研发的LED节能助航灯具,行李分拣机,除冰防冰液,ADS-B地面站等产品已处于国内领先水平。


联系人 王峤

电  话 028-82909804

传  真 028-82909377

E-mail wq720723@163.com

网  址 www.caacsri.com


Name of Project LED Airfield Lighting Systems

Sponsor Enterprise The Second Research Institute of CAAC

Industry Belonging Transportation

Construction Site Chengdu, Sichuan

Total Investment Total Investment RMB 50 million: investment for fixed assets of RMB 35 million; circulating funds of RMB 15 million

Construction Period 


Techniques LED airfield lighting systems are based on LED light source, focusing on LED driver, thermal and light distribution. It is composed of control systems, dimmers, lighting controllers and LED lamps, which is able to provide improved safety for aircrafts takeoff, landing and taxiing at night, low visibility or other complex weather conditions.

Introduction to Project 

Market The system upgrade and the construction of LED airfield lighting systems at newly built airports enhance this system to have huge market capacities. When the system becomes products, the annual sales are estimated to be more than RMB 2 billion, with the total annual profit RMB 50 million and net profit (after tax) reaches RMB 38 million.

Introduction to Enterprise The Second Research Institute of CAAC (CASRI) is located in Chengdu, the present number of employees is 600, total asset RMB 7.4 billion, registered capital RMB 1.35 billion. CASRI has a series of advanced technical equipment such as radar test equipment, independent R & D LED energy-saving lighting systems, baggage sorting machines, de-icing and anti-icing fluid, and the ADS-B ground stations are in the leading domestic level.


Contact Person Qiao, Wang

Tel 028-82909804

Fax 028-82909377

E-mail wq720723@163.com

Website www.caacsri.com

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